My dear friends and subway fans –

I’m back. And I know you’ve been anxiously waiting.

7 years ago, I began work on a website/attempt at a blog called Off the Cuff. At the time, I only shared it with a few close friends. I had a lot to say but couldn’t articulate; once I force myself to write, I still felt deep down that I wasn’t ready or willing to share. I managed 5 or 6 frustrated posts before trailing off and giving up.

Recently, I’ve found myself in the perfect space to end my e-sabbatical. I can’t say I had an epiphany or a Come to Jesus; instead, many aspects of my life intertwined to bring me to a crossroads where the choice was silence or expression. My ego wouldn’t stand for me being quiet, so here we are: welcome to the official 2016 relaunch of my personal website. This will serve as a window into my both personal and professional lives, and is possibly a preamble to something you may soon see in hard print… (wink wink)

Of course, work and life will overlap, as always. On the personal side I’ll be sharing adventures, but things will be more visual; the site will act as a virtual gallery of photos, videos and excerpts “curated” by yours truly. It will focus on the creative and the reflective, featuring things both from daily life and from art that I consider above the transient. I’ll share things that catch me and my friends’ eyes and linger in our curiosities, as they hopefully will in yours.

Professionally, I manage a major local real estate brokerage office that’s rated the best in the city; I believe we’re in also in consideration for best in the world (no bias). The many facets of real estate, and the people and choices involved in them, are interesting, funny, poignant, and often utterly weird. Industry issues that receive the most attention tend to be the classic (read: boring) “how to”, “what not to do”, “where to buy”, and “when to sell” ad nauseam, but I feel many of the best aspects of the business get hardly any airtime. I’ll be writing about all of them, and the adventures and outstanding people involved.

Long story short: this site is about inhaling life. Come with me.