It’s been a while…

It hasn’t felt appropriate to blog for much of this year, but I’ll be starting up again as we hopefully begin to turn a collective corner. I won’t dwell, but I will just say I am beyond thankful for health, family, friendship, the little things, and the strength you all have shown yourselves and each other throughout this unimaginable year.

Perhaps fittingly, I’m starting my return by sharing a short graduation speech I gave for my grandson Geoffrey (my oldest grandchild), who just graduated from high school this past Saturday. These milestones, whatever form they take, are things we can no longer take for granted. Here’s to the bright days ahead.


Well, our grandson Geoffrey is graduating from high school and going to college. Bittersweet, yes, but picture me shouting out loud and jumping up and down every step of the way ahead. Congratulations; bravo; kick some a**; you rock; you are the MAN; the list goes on.

Even though countless people all over the world have done it and moved on, make no mistake: graduating from high school is a big deal. Enjoy it. You are the center of attraction, the man of the hour. You are why we are all here. Your courage, determination and insight have made this possible; you are resilient, smart and opinionated, but also tender-hearted and always kind. You’ve taught us so much about the “new world” we live in, and how to navigate it about how to strike the ever-tricky balance between conviction and open-mindedness. It feels like we are changing positions; now, instead of me being your leading hand as we cross the (figurative) street, you’re holding mine.

As a child, you were determined to do it your way, and that’s what you’ve always done; you’ve always been a leader with your family, and nothing will change, even though you will be leading us from afar. You have always made a statement with your life, and this is just the beginning.You are filled with dreams and aspirations, some old and fading, others new, and many more that you don’t know about yet. They are locked somewhere in your psyche and soul, and they’ll be ready to spring forth when you decide to unlock them. We all can’t wait.

There are countless ways to describe you, but I’ll end with one: you are one cool dude, one who can glide through all conditions like water flowing down a mountain. Rejoice in the glory of your day.

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