The burning question to round out 2016: what will be the outcome under president-elect Mr. Trump? More specifically, what will the net effect of his election be on the real estate market? 

During the pre-election market jitters, the buyer enthusiasm was still there, but action seems to have been dampened by the daily, massive negativity that had been flooding the American living room. However, the market may have slowed down, but it didn’t shut down. This sort of hiatus is fairly typical, and it’s not at all reminiscent of the stunned uncertainty that took place the weeks after 9/11 (and even then, the market surged back up with a roar).

Now, the election’s over.The stock market is now solid after an early dip, and the housing market hasn’t actually really waived at all. The parameters we work with are still the same: low inventory, excellent rates, and eager buyer demand that’s being refueled. The pieces that existed before November 8th are all still in play for the future. As a result, it’s still a surprisingly great time to sell and buy, regardless of politics.